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Cava DO, Magic moments

First Cava bottles were produced in 1872 thanks to technical innovations which allowed the cellars to control the second fermentation of the wine inside the bottle. But it was during the second and third decade of 20th century when Cava production started its boom. Consolidated in the 80s, nowadays Cava is one of the most dynamic and prosper sectors in catalan viticulture.

The DO Cava expands along the mediterranean area, with vines at an average altitude of 300m above the sea level. The climate is temperate, with many sun hours during the year.

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  • TASTING NOTES Brilliant, pale yellow coloured cava. Well formed steady bubbles rise in a rosary form and create a persistent crown. Pleasant, intense and fruity aroma. In the mouth, initially soft, robust, lingering, pleasant and persistent with a sweet finish. Balanced, frank and persistent on the palate.

  • TASTING NOTES A very pale yellow coloured cava with light golden reflections. Persistent small bubbles which create a boisterous crown. Elegant aroma, with fruity notes. Sweet in the mouth with an aftertaste of apple. Good acidity and lingering aftertaste. Full, warm, very pleasant, crisp and vivacious.

  • TASTING NOTES A pale yellow coloured cava with light golden reflections. Persistent bubbles rise in rosary form to create a crown. Pleasant aromas typical of bottle ageing with honey, light hints of ripe fruit and flowers. Very pleasant in the mouth with a lingering finish; starts out dry but has a warm and full finish. Harmonious, pleasant with a full,...

  • TASTING NOTES Intense lively and brilliant rose coloured cava. Persistent and small bubbles which rise in rosary create a crown. Initial nose is pleasant, intense and delicate. This is followed by an aroma reminiscent of small red fruits. Full, warm and pleasant in the mouth, with a solid, lingering finish.

  • TASTING NOTES A pale yellow coloured cava with steel reflections. Fresh aroma with notes of toasted bread. Delicate taste, long palate, with a fine balance between acidity and fruitiness. Small bubbles rise in rosary form to create a beautiful persistent crown.


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