Denominatios of Origin 

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Lands wine

The designations of origin are the result of the recognition of the prestige of the product in an area, and not only guarantee the geographical origin but also the quality wine.

  • TASTING NOTES Red wine with bright cherry colour. Aromatic expression of flowers and red fruit with balsamic notes. In the mouth quite drinkable, a touch of sweetness, fresh and fruity.

  • TASTING NOTES A young wine, strawberry colour, with lively hints of pomegranate. Aroma of red fruit. In the mouth it is pleasantly buttery, with hints of fruit and light balsamic notes. Long and persistent mid-palate, leaving a wonderful feeling of fullness on the palate.

  • TASTING NOTES A young wine, strawberry colour, with lively hints of pomegranate. Aroma of red fruit. In the mouth it feels pleasantly buttery, with hints of fruit and light balsamic notes. Long and persistent mid-palate, leaving a wonderful feeling of fullness on the palate.

  • TASTING NOTES Red wine with intense cherry and persistent depth. Offers an elegant aroma of very concentrated ripe red fruit, with a hint of oak and mineral notes. Fleshy in the mouth, powerful with a touch of sweetness, wellbalanced with an excellent varietal expression.


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